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Drawing on over 90 years of uninterrupted and superior plumbing experience the talented and passionate team at Cook & Lees stand out as some of Melbourne’s leading plumbing contractors and professionals. Utilising innovative methods and techniques, combined with the application of superior and durable materials, our professional team can promptly improve the condition and effectiveness of your gas and water plumbing systems.

At Cook & Lees we know just how dangerous and damaging blocked drains can be. While easy to ignore they can quickly cause flooding and water damage to our customer’s homes or businesses. Thanks to our comprehensive drain cleaning solutions Richmond residents can trust us to keep their properties safe from overflowing water.

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Guttering Richmond

Thanks to our decades of training and hands-on experience our plumbing contractors can guarantee the effectiveness of our client’s homes and businesses. Taking care of properties across Melbourne, both inside and out, our certified team can prevent flooding and damage from becoming a costly occurrence later on down the road. To find out more about how we can replace and repair guttering and downpipe systems Richmond-based residents and beyond can call us directly on 03 9853 9888.