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Plumber Doncaster

Since 1920 the skilled plumbers at Cook & Lees go the extra mile to make sure that the specific plumbing needs and requirements of our customers are met. Drawing on years of hands-on expertise our plumbers have the know-how to keep Doncaster water and gas systems clean and clear.

Clean and Clear

Guttering in No Time

Guttering Doncaster

From the ground to the roof the team at Cook & Lees can deliver comprehensive plumbing solutions covering every aspect of our customer’s properties. Offering a complete roofing solution to Melbourne’s domestic and commercial residents our contractors can clean and repair extensive guttering throughout the Doncaster area and beyond.


Drains Since 1920

Drain Cleaning Doncaster

At Cook & Lees our extensive experience has taught us that even the smallest blockage can quickly cause large headaches. By utilising unique and non-damaging techniques, including in-drain CCTV cameras and high-pressure water jets, our plumbing contractors can conduct superior drain cleaning in Doncaster properties.

Stay Warm

During the Coldest Winter

Hot Water Repairs Doncaster

The sign of a modern and functional home is access to piping hot water. Whether heated by gas or electricity our skilled and attentive plumbers can conduct tailored and lasting hot water system repairs throughout the Doncaster region and the surrounding suburbs. To take advantage of our decades of hands-on experience or to learn more about our superior approach towards plumbing repairs call us today on 03 9853 9888.